COMPRESSMAN - The Most Convenient Image Compression And Optimization Tool For Web


Compressman is a Client-Side Image Compressor using HTML5 Canvas & File API that allows you to compress jpeg, jpg, png, webp and Gif images without uploading to the server (100% client-side).

Could you imagine how much bandwidth we can save if Pinterest, Google, Twitter and Facebook implement this image compression before we upload our 5MB photos? This approach will make the internet faster!!

Using Insturctions:

Choose desired compression level, upload image and see the result! You can see images before and after compression, compare each other and If you think you want more or less compressing then use compression levels slider and see the change on the fly! There is not upload size limit, Just upload any size of image and compress in the fastest way ever.

What's coming?

  • Multiple(batch) image uploader
  • Progressive Web App(Offline desktop and mobile versions)
  • Transparent png support
  • Image share support

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